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Meet The Backyard Beekeeper 

Bee Wiser - Providing education for the aspiring Beekeeper

They say its in the blood, handed down from generations of family apiarists but even though my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were Beekeepers,   I do what I do, because I love it!

Our Story

From an interest to a passion, grew an unimaginable love and obsession with the honey bee....

After years of hands on with the bees and countless hours of research and study, we are proud to offer unique personalised services for the interested amateur urban backyard beekeeper.  

Our commitment is to "Bee Wiser" in educating the aspiring hobbyist to all aspects of responsible beekeeping. We deliver professional and ethical services that support the sustainability of the Australian environment and the Australian Commercial Apiarist industry. 

We have teamed up with Local Lake Macquarie Commercial Apiarists, Queen Breeders and Beekeeping suppliers both locally and nationally including Flow TM Australia to ensure we can offer you the best possible service in your preferred Beekeeping method.

After extensive research and commitment to our Brand we have acquired one of Australia's only all inclusive and comprehensive insurance and business coverage for these unique services we offer, so you can be rest assured your in safe hands with The Backyard Beekeeper's team.

We have recently expanded (July 2022) to provide our exceptional service to Brisbane and surrounding areas of sunny Queensland, be sure to reach out even if it is just to say HI!

Meet The Team

Rick The Backyard Beekeeper as seen on Sunrise Channel 7 with Sam Mac & Channel 9 with Maddison Scott, we really are passionate about what we do! 

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