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Meet Rick!

Hey Everyone Rick here…. So a little about me…. I grew up in the central west town of Orange NSW (famous for Apples and Cherries go figure haha), then Bathurst (yes V8’s) for a number of years before making a sea change to the East coast and settling into the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie areas for the next 20 years or so whereby my wife and I raised our 3 amazing kids.


More recently we have moved up into Brisbane to help support the kids and now Grandchildren as well and this presented us with the opportunity to Bring The Backyard Beekeeper to the Brisbane area and surrounding regions whilst continuing to support the Newcastle / Hunter region as founders and owner of the Business.


My beekeeping journey began as a child with my Grandfather having a property at Ophir were they farmed all types of livestock, cattle, sheep, turkeys, crops and of course having his own apiary of bees and this was handed down from the previous generation from his Father in law, also being an apiarist.

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​For me the rural farming life was always a dream, but you do get to witness the best and worst of nature and also learning from our mistake of the past as humans. It wasn’t until more recent times, living on the East coast did I start to notice a decline in bees numbers and difficulty in having any pollinators in general attend to my own backyard crops. At work I discussed this so often and the fascination around bees with a friend and work college who had his own apiary and it wasn’t long before I brought bees into the Backyard urban environment of Lake Macquarie.


For the next two years I left a successful career and pursued as much resource information I could find on bees and beekeeping, spending 12months studying everyday, every piece of literature I could. I also signed up to do the Certificate 3 in beekeeping at Tocal college, and have now been fortunate enough to build some amazing relationships with industry Leaders, commercial beekeepers, queen breeders, suppliers and amateur beekeeping clubs.


The Backyard Beekeeping business I founded on the basis that not everyone has had these same opportunities that I have been fortunate to have. To get started into beekeeping is often very difficult time consuming and requires a great level of trust in the product you are buying and who you buy from. This is when I decided to bring all that together to make it an easy one stop location whereby you can get everything you need to start your own beekeeping adventure and be confident you will have support around you.


What I value most is to support and protect the Australian Beekeeping industry, to teach and mentor, at a compliant and professional level and to utilise local resources like clubs, beekeeping suppliers and commercial apiarists to give everyone who wants to get into beekeeping the confidence that they are receiving the best possible service. This also applies to anyone with beehives that just need a hand, might have had a rough start or realised they need to know more, we can help.


Now with over 500 plus customers who range from commercial apiaries to a single backyard hive, in Langstroth, Flow hive, Top bar, Long Langs and Warre’ we have the experience and knowledge to help you no matter what your situation is and we have the backing of some of the best minds out there in Australia.


Feel free to get in contact to know more


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For any questions about our company, products, services or anything you cant find on our website but need assistance in Beekeeping,


Feel free to get in touch with us today. Someone from our team will be more than happy to help.

Please be advised due to unprecedented demand we endeavor to get back to you within 3 business days.


Thank you for your patience.   

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