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Here at The Backyard Beekeeper we strive for all our customers to "Bee Wiser". We have a strong education and tutoring approach so we can ensure the success of all new beginner beekeeper's in the hope that you are just as passionate about bees as we are! We provide a range of services have a scroll through and see if there is something for you!

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Bee Nuc Supply,
Delivery & Tutoring

A great start up for those who have just obtained a new Bee hive as we are experts in all hives and how to get the best results. 
Package includes a minimum of 5 frames of bees including new season (Covey) queen bee.(nuc), hands on installation of Bee's into your new bee hive, up to 2hrs of tutoring and our unique BeeRight guarantee. 


Just need a helping hand and some expert guidance to get the best from your colony. We can do anything you need whilst building confident and expert beekeepers.


Beginners Setups

Our beginners setups are perfect for those wishing to begin their beekeeping journey in their own backyard.

We offer a wide range of services and hive setups (from Langstroth Hives to the ever popular Flow (TM) Hives to our newest addition of HiveIQ Hives).

All our packages include up to TWO HOURS of tutoring from The Backyard Beekeeper's team ensuring you start off on the right foot. 

Contact us for pricing today!

Bees in Schools Program

Are you looking for an educational and informative beekeeping experience. We bring the bee's to your school in very unique, safe and engaging way for your students? We provide an interactive experience for children in all daycare and school environments with Live bees and honey and we are completely insured with blue cards for safety. The best part is kids LOVE it! Live bees, honey tasting, dress ups, the LOT! Contact us for an information kit for your school.


Hive Health Checks

Hive Health checks include the following:

Full hive check for any signs of disease and pests, check of Honey / Pollen stores, Queen laying pattern review, Box and frames integrity.

Minor repairs and remedies conducted on site.

Any major repairs and remedies are quoted on site.

Swarm & Hive Removal

Our swarm and hive removal service is offered to those who have found bees in inconvenient spaces such as trees, close to homes or other various locations required to be removed due to safety concerns.

Our team come in, remove the bees safely and efficiently, with the confidence we are a registered and insured business!

Contact us today for a quote! 


Bees in Schools


DPI Inspections

It is a minimum legislative requirement that two comprehensive inspections are recorded for each hive a beekeeper owns in accordance with Bio-security legislation 

This service is a complete service that will conduct an inspection of your hives and complete a report compliant to the legislation. It includes Varroa Alcohol wash, Full brood frame inspections removing the bees to identify any disease or pest issues. A report will be sent to you with findings and recommendations for any possible improvement.

Gift Cards

For the Gift that keeps on giving, a hobby like no other that provides sustainability for the future but comes with a vast array of health benefits, environmental benefits and not to mention some very sweet rewards for the love of keeping bees.

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