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  1. Terms and Conditions –

  2. These general agreed terms apply to all transactions between The Backyard Beekeeper and any paying client or customer.

  3. All pricing inclusive of delivery is within a 30klm radius of Mount Crosby Brisbane 4306, should you live outside this radius please contact us for a quote.

  4. You should be registered as a beekeeper with the department of Primary Industries or DAF QLD (to be completed by the client along with any costs associated payable by the client)

  5. Tutoring offered by The Backyard Beekeeper are within a 30km radius - additional fees and charges may be applicable if required outside this radius.

  6. Hours of tutoring are dependent on bees needs and weather conditions. Delays may occur.

  7. Pricing does not include extra frames that may be required or suggested at time of delivery. These can be purchased separately.

  8. Flow Hive - complete constructed packages include-  all joints glued for stability and strength,  a minimum 3 coats of premium exterior paint (white or grey or clear coat) and the option of colour accents from Bunnings Porters’ paint premium paint range (at no additional charge) selected colour chart available at Bunnings (subject to availability).

  9. All paint colours and jacket/suit size selections are final, additional charges will occur if changes are required to be made.

  10. Nucleus (bees) availability dependent of weather conditions and productivity of apiary and will only be provided when quality is acceptable.  

  11. All bees provided with one of our tutoring packages, they come with our unique guarantee of success – this is valid for the first 3 months from installation and tutoring date. Bee’s will be replaced free of charge if it is deemed they have failed through no fault of the paying client.

  12. Orders will be taken on a first in first served basis and supplied in this order.

  13. All payments are to be in full via bank deposit or cash on pickup (for pickup orders only - delivery orders to be paid in full prior to delivery).

  14. Swam removal service offered at a $50 call out fee within a 30km radius of Mount Crosby, Brisbane.

  15. The Backyard beekeeper accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to any property due to the removal of bees.

  16. Any repairs of property required after hive removal are payable by the client and to be organised by the client (for example if walls are required to be cut into in order to extract the bees these fall under repairs payable by the client). 

  17. For all booking requests and form submissions we endeavour to get back to you within 3 business days however coming into the warmer months (our busy period) this timeframe can be extended up to 7 business days. Thank you for your patience and understanding. For any emergencies contact The Backyard Beekeeper directly on 0401 705 228, fees will apply.

  18. Any customised quotations provided to a client are valid for a period of 14 days.

  19. Timing - Hive’s are built by The Backyard Beekeeper from date funds are paid in full  - we endeavour to have it completed within 30 business days after we have received your purchase order form inclusive of colour selection, size, etc. however delays do occur outside The Backyard Beekeeper’s control including but not limited to:- delivery delays with the wholesaler, unsuitable nucleus quality, in September through to March delays of up to 56 business days can occur as this is our busy season. The Backyard Beekeeper will endeavour to keep you informed throughout the process however we will not delivery a product or service we are not 100% satisfied with.

  20. The client take responsibility in understanding and owning a hive comes with responsibilities and will act accordingly and responsibly in accordance with the Department of Primary Industries. The Backyard Beekeeper carries no responsibility of the bees once collected or delivered to the client, the client accepts care and responsibility of the bees/hive once received and understand any additional site visits by The Backyard Beekeeper will incur additional charges.

  21. Gift cards are valid for a period of 3 years only from date of purchase in accordance with the ACCC and can only be purchased alongside a corresponding service – value gift cards do not apply. 

  22. Photographs/videos may be taken while on site and may be used on social media platforms, website and for advertising purposes, these are at the discretion of The Backyard Beekeeper, if you do not wish to have photographs or videos taken while he is onsite, please express this to him before work commences or if you simply wish to not be present in the photographs or videos please advise. 

  23. Any photographs and/or videos shared by the client on social media platforms may be used by The Backyard Beekeeper in promotional material, as this is public domain consent for use of the photographs and/or videos is not required. 

  24. The Backyard Beekeeper will endeavour to advise the client by prearrangement for any video content to be created for blog posting on the website however this is not always possible and will be discussed with the client upon arrival. 

  25. ​The Backyard Beekeeper services the Brisbane region, should you live outside these areas travel fees will apply and it is at the discretion of The Backyard Beekeeper if willing to travel. Possible accommodation expenses outside the listed regions may also occur and are payable by the client (dependent on location). 

  26. There may be delays with deliveries outside The Backyard Beekeeper’s control as such his team will contact you accordingly with as much notice as possible.

  27. All pricing provided is current at the time it is provided to our clients however pricing is subject to change without notice.

  28.  The Backyard Beekeeper accepts no responsibility for goods, services and livestock after delivery/pick up to/by the customer.

  29. No refunds or exchanges on any goods or livestock in accordance with the bio security laws.

  30. Bees in Schools - The Live bee display is in a double locked and sealed box to ensure safety for kids and bees. It is suggested permission forms be obtained and kids with allergies be identified by the school / centre. The Backyard Beekeeper will respect the values and policies of the school regarding safety and privacy. Any social media shared publicly may be used for further promotion or use by The Backyard Beekeeper. The Backyard Beekeeper holds a 10 million dollar public liability insurance policy unique for this type of work. - A valid Blue card is supplied and attached separately. - A valid Police check is also available upon request. - The Backyard Beekeeper reserves the right to postpone or cancel bookings due to unforeseen circumstances - a full refund will be provided in the event of cancellation. Cancellation of booked visitation by the school/education centre may incur fees and charges.

  31. Christmas delivery cut off is 20th of October – pick up order cut off 20th of November – products are subject to availability and only applicable to hives and equipment, bees are subject to availability and suitability and cannot be guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas.

  32. Rental agreements will be at the discretion of The Backyard Beekeeper and following a site inspection and brief from the client. If feasible a proposal will be drawn up and an agreement arrangement entered into by both parties for a set term.

  33. All rental agreements can be terminated by either party with a minimum of 30 days notice.

  34. All rental equipment remains The Property of The Backyard Beekeeper.

  35. Any loss of rental equipment due to the fault of the client will be charged in full at market price.

  36. There are inheriant risks associated with keeping Apis Millfera, T he Backyard Beekeeper accepts no responsibility for incidents that occur on clients property due to bee-stings or other related incidents from having beehives on their property.

  37. We encourage all our clients to conduct their own risk assessments before introducing bees to their environment.

  38. Please take consideration of neighbouring properties that may be within proximity of your hive/s and be a responsible beekeeper and let them know of your intent to keep bees.

  39. Always check with your local councils regarding the keeping of bees- this the clients responsibility to ensure they are compliant with their relevant council.


To cancel or reschedule your booking please contact us with at least 48hrs notice, if within 48hrs any payments made to The Backyard Beekeeper will be forfeited and a new booking fee will apply.

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