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Here at The Backyard Beekeeper we strive to find the newest and most innovative technology on the market when it comes to beekeeping and BRING IT TO YOU! 

In June of 2023, we had the pleasure of meeting a local entrepreneur from Canberra, Australia (always supporting local) and just had to get on board, we proudly became an authorised reseller for HiveIQ AU!
One of just 10 in Australia Currently.

Where to we start?! The hives are built from 40mm solid EPS top and walls, an AMAZING thermal insulation keeping our bees at temperature during the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters! This also allows the hive boxes to be exceptionally light, particularly important when considering how much honey our beautiful honey bees produce! Not only that, the hive has a recessed queen excluder, creating a beautifully seamless transition from you brood box to your additional boxes. The floors are ventilated, allowing our colony to manage humidity and airflow within the hive itself. 

Have you ever accidentally put your hot smoker on top of your wooden hive? I sure know we have in the beginning of our beekeeping journey, very quickly realising the damage we caused to the hive top, HiveIQ has thought of that too! A beautiful pressed metal cover for your hive top (available colours yellow, white and zinc*), not only keeping your bees safe but also safe to pop your beekeeping tools on from time to time! 

Not only have the team at HiveIQ developed a new innovative hive, they are bringing along the latest technology so you can monitor your hives from anywhere in WORLD!

Want to know more? CLICK HERE for their brochure! 

So where do we come in? We have thoroughly educated ourselves alongside the wonderful team at HiveIQ and have the knowledge and expertise to get you started!

We have one-of-a-kind packages to suit your beekeeping needs and budget, guiding you each step of the way* we really do love seeing our clients succeed and enjoy the process, becoming as passionate about bees a
s we are! 

Bee sure to get in contact with us today!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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