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Difficult times... for Newcastle region

with a heavy heart I write to everyone down in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast regions.

With the growing Varroa impact, spreading further afield and no signs of a short term solution to the issues as well as support for impacted businesses, Jess and I have made the very difficult decision to Close the Newcastle Backyard Beekeeper branch.

As of Friday the 23rd of December The Backyard Beekeeper Newcastle business will be closed permanently.

We will continue to operate in the Brisbane area and greater region.

Jess and I want to sincerely thank all our customers for their support and understanding under what has been very trying times for the beekeeping industry and everyone of you that are apart of it.

Please continue to support the remaining local beekeepers and beekeeping businesses in the area either by buying products or raising a voice to support those affected so they are not forgotten.

Every human relies on bees and good beekeepers without even knowing it.

I want to thank Jess for putting in the time and effort in an attempt to make the situation work and wish her and her family all the best in her future endeavours.

All the best to everyone and we hope next year is a better year for everyone.

Rick and Jess.

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Teri Roberts
Teri Roberts
22 dic 2022

Thank you both for your awesome support…sending heaps of love to both of you & your families from the - now empty of any bee life - Roberts home xxxxx

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