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Varroa Jacobsoni

So with yet another incursion of Varroa upon us this time in the Port Of Brisbane, I thought it would be timely that I send something out on alcohol washes and how to do them properly.

The below link from Rod at NSW DPI will help everyone know what needs to been done as it is a process and one we will have to get used to doing unfortunately regardless of where you are located.

It will become a vital skill of beekeeping in the future years ahead.

So check it out and the 3 key things I would say is

  1. locate the queen - don't wash her

  2. Pick a good brood frame with late stage larvae or drone larvae for your sample.

  3. Wash the sample 3 times yes 3 times!

If you get stuck book us in in Brisbane and surrounds, there's no rush, just being prepared.

Thanks and hope it helps


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תגובה אחת

Morning Rick, last I heard Biosecurity were marching around in the mangroves at Port of Brisbane, looking for a feral colony. Sounds like a possible good job for a drone.

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