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Back On Track here in Brisbane...

Updated: Mar 23

After what has seemed an eternity, it nice to be writing once more to both new and existing customers here in the Queensland sunny state.

As we know two apples don't make an orange and as always the bees continue to teach us so much.

The past 9months or so, has been a continued learning for myself. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside one of the great beekeepers here in Brisbane helping to produce up to 400 amazing Caucasian queens, and I tell you what, the effort, the highs and lows that go into producing queens we should be paying alot more for a queen.... it's hard work and we do it rain, hail, shine or even in east coast lows when roads are flooding - queen breeders are working bees.

I have to thank everyone around the area that has supported my little business that has had to start from scratch once more, from The local beekeeping businesses recommending someone new, the people that I have brought amazing bee hives from to rebuild as well as every one of my customers that have been so welcoming to my presence and what I do.

So a big Thankyou to everyone from me and my family, I look forward to many many more days of helping everyone enjoy beekeeing.

I have added some pics of just a snippet of of the work and amazing hives, I have been apart of here in Brisbane so far- (Sorry if your hive isn't there there is literally hundreds in my photo album)

Don't forget to book me if you need especially for DAF alcohol washes and reporting. Varroa unfortunately is continuing to spread and so many beekeepers are being affected in NSW, we need to be vigilant.

If you have time and we are worthy of a 5 star review on google or Facebook, any support would be appreciated - so that we can continue doing hat we love doing, ( It helps to improve search results for small businesses who can't afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising, this is why businesses sometimes ask for support via a 5 star rating)

Sincere Thanks as always


The Backyard Beekeeper

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