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A Sincere Thankyou- The Festive Season is upon us time to take a break and re-charge.

To all our amazing customers I just wanted to say a sincere Thankyou for all your support this year. Our little business has kept us very busy the last year and has been a welcome relief in a year that has changed so many lives, our being just one to be able to do what I love doing and keep a roof over our heads whilst doing it. Thankyou again means the world to us!

It is the festive season, and although bees never stop, we are going to take a siesta at the festive time of year. You guys can focus on your families/ loved ones and I'm sure the bees will be right.

We will be closed from the 25th December to the 10th January and already return to full booking the first two weeks back so Thankyou again!

i hope everyone out there has a very safe and enjoyable time and we will see everyone in the New Year.


Rick and Family

The Backyard Beekeepers

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Leesa Foote
Leesa Foote
Dec 24, 2021

Merry Xmas to you and your family will see you on the 11th


Unknown member
Dec 24, 2021

My sincere Thanks to you Rick. I would not have been able to manage my Bees with out you 😎 Merry Christmas to you and family and wishing you a wonderful New Year 🙏😊

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