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Glass Half Full or Half Empty

As I sit here and write to everyone, I am

emotionally exhausted due to so much going on at once both personally with moving to another State, at what feels like the worst of times for many many reasons.

The Varoa mite has had a huge impact on my business more than anyone will truly know and as the incursion continues to grow I have to wonder what next just as one of my apiaries is wiped out....... half my bees in a single stroke of the pen as the red zone extends into it.

But it is so much more than my bees, it's the hundreds of our customers affected by this, it's the memories, the conversations, the relationships we have shared together and the hard work and commitment everyone gave in becoming a responsible beekeeper. I'm just gutted and haunted by these memories and thoughts 😔

Like so many, we all are probably eagerly awaiting the very next communication whether it be via me, the DPI website, email, text message, phone call, media or social media. Within those messages as humans we get to form a picture or opinion and then emotions come with those opinions and you will witness this in all of these communications platforms as people voice these out loud what they believe to be important to them or what people want to hear.

So as I and many of you battle with these emotions and thoughts, maybe its just an opportunity to reflect on How are you thinking? -Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty? .... and what do you want to be known for?

So for us here at the Backyard Beekeeper

It's we choose Glass Half Full, we have a chance to stop it, even slow it if stopping isn't an option and doing everything we can to support the DPI and their efforts.

Knowing that we did do something is better then just giving up. If we win, it's a win for every Australian, if we don't then we must find other ways to still win for exactly the same reason- for every Australian.

I love what we do, I have been so fortunate to help educate so many new beekeepers, existing bee keepers and our young generations- you are all beekeepers now and it's also your job to continue educating.

I know that ever single one of you is talking about bees, nature and how fragile it really is and in turn that is educating friends, Family, work mates, people you just met and the wider public. Those conversations that I'll Nickname the "BBQ Convo's" (the best place to have them) will make a difference in the world, as people realise just how fragile nature is.

Nature will always find a way, we know this to be true no matter how hard we try and control it as humans....

So as we all go through this together -

let the message be.... Give something back to nature....... . Plant a tree, live sustainably, invite nature back into our homes and houses and learn from it and our mistakes.

I will be back this week and will be available from Friday after this east coast low passes for us, should you need a hand please message me. My focus and priority will be those people in the purple zones closest to the red zones in order to rule out mites in those areas.

So chin up everyone if you need further support or counselling outside of our services please head to the DPI website as they have plenty of experts and professional services available and listed for everyone to access.

Remember Glass Half Full and the best source of information is the DPI website only.



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Hey Rick

You wise words are inspirational x

I choose the half glass full with you and your family x


Teri Roberts
Teri Roberts
Jul 05, 2022

Sending so much love your way Rick for you & your family. Thank you for keeping your advice positive, we still don’t know when our girls will go but we know we’re doing it for the right reasons & we will be back at it as soon as we’re allowed xxx


Thanks so much Rick, very grateful for your help, Saturday will be fine. Ros 🐝


Hi Rick… I’m so so sorry to hear you’ve lost so many of your beautiful bees 💔 It’s keeping me awake at night worrying about my precious hives. If you could come over and give me a hand with the sugar shake or alcohol wash, I would very much appreciate it please? I feel like we are just a moment away from being in that eradication zone also 😢. Thank you so much, your communication through this horrible period is very much appreciated. Ros and Graeme Williams

Replying to

No problem Ros, we will come out Saturday sometime if that's ok?

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