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What now with varroa

Everyone in the 50klm exclusion zone of Newcastle has been given the go ahead under the order to carry out tests for Varroa.

People in the red zone (within 10klm of the Port of Newcastle) I'm sorry but there will be no point as bee will be euthanised:

These tests should include sugar shake and prick tests. I would suggest alcohol wash (this will kill the bees) but found it to be most effective in locating the mites.

Doug Somerville from Tocal collage showing you here how to do an alcohol wash:

There is plenty online to teach you if needed.

Now as this is a biosecurity risk it is really important not to go from site to site or to help friends do these tests.

My moving timing could not have been worse with me being located in Queensland at the moment, but I have changed and made plans to be back on deck next week.

For those not confident in doing the above tests please don't stress as this will be an ongoing monitoring situation for weeks or months to come, I understand the protocols for containment and will be able to start assisting next week.

You may get a message from DPI to do the tests within 24hours, again if you can't you can't it, there will be plenty of people doing it around you and this is to gather information on how widespread the issue may be.

Thanks again


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